Friday, March 09, 2007

An Asshole of Many Faces

I have been going through a bunch of crap in an unemployed "get organized" frenzy. One of my myriad tasks is scanning a bunch of my old analog photographs into jpeg format. In doing so, I've uncovered a load of incriminating photos of myself - Here are a few of my favorites:

'Lil Liar (1976)

Longhaired Liar (1990)

Shave the Cheerleader (Halloween 1992)

New Orleans (1993)

College Liar (1996)

7DA Days (1999)

Unused DC Lies Icon (2005)

Now (2007)


edP said...

What's a guy got to do to get you back in that cheerleader outfit these days?

DC Liar said...

Just find me another cheerleader to date. Bourbon would help, also.

The Old Dog said...

I've got bourbon! It was the second to cheapest bottle on the shelf. Therefore, it will make you the next to cheapest drag cheerleader.

DC Liar said...

Second cheapest?!?!
That won't stand, sir!

Guess I've got to lose the panties.

bigsoda said...

My eyes! They burn!!!

edP said...

There'll be more than your eyes burnin' if you hit that shit big Soda!

bigsoda said...

My mind! It burns!!!

Prairie Dawg said...

Halloween '92 HAD to have been a good night for you.

One way or another.

DC Liar said...

Actually, I wore that outfit to work at Crow's Nest (Naperville). Whenever some guy would come up and hit on me (and there were a handful) I'd say in my best Henry Kissinger voice "Okay, I will go out with you, but I must warn you that I'm not a cheap date" (or something to that effect) - most of 'em ran.

Yeah, it was a pretty great day.

Meat Head said...

Wow, I mean most people have some 80/90s pics they would like to get rid of.

Wow thanks for sharing.

How does one scrub ones brain? I really wish I would have looked at these on a Friday instead of a Monday.

I need bourbon stat!

Michael K said...

Starting to have horrifying flashbacks of an encounter with a "girl" at Mardis Gras '93.

Gundy said...

Was 1996 the year you forgot what food was?

DC Liar said...

1996 was the year that finances forced me to choose between food and booze.

Food lost.