Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mid-Season TeeVee Update

With Rome having fallen, Heroes on hiatus, and Adult Swim sucking it lately, there has been a severe drought of good stuff on television.
This leaves my agenda wide open for obsessing over weird little software bugs that have infiltrated my computer. When I'm not doing that, here's what I've been watching:

This is one of my all-time-favorite shows, and it's just starting up its fifth season of no-holds-barred goodness. I've been putting off doing a full post on this one for awhile, so (for now) this shout-out will have to make due.

Andy Barker P.I.
Andy Richter stars as an accountant turned soft-boiled private investigator in a surprisingly clever fish-out-of-water series. Tony Hale (Arrested Development) co-stars as Andy's video store clerk sidekick and Conan O'Brien serves as series co-creator and executive producer, but Harve Presnell steals the fucking show as an elderly, misanthropic, anti-social, amoral, hard-as-nails, 70's era detective who begrudgingly serves as Andy's mentor.
Added bonus - There are a ton of movie-geek references packed into the series ("Why does everyone keep saying 'Chinatown'? I told you, I haven't seen it. Would someone please explain what that means?"). I'm absolutely hooked -Fucking brilliant.
If you haven't been watching this show, start doing so RIGHT NOW. They have 5 full episodes available online. Be sure to watch "Three Days of the Chicken" it's easily the funniest fucking thing I've seen on network television in a long time.
I'm sure that it'll be cancelled before too long, so enjoy it while you can.

Asia Extreme on Sundance Channel
Every Sunday at midnight Sundance serves up an uncut flick from Tartan's Asia Extreme series. I love me some Asian horror, psycho thriller, and gonzo films. This weekly treat is like manna from heaven for me... and The Girl likes it too.

Bizarre Foods
Who knew that watching a happy-go-lucky food critic traveling the world and eating weird shit could be so engrossing? Despite a couple of 'Fear Factor' moments in each episode, it's hard to pull yourself away from this one. I'm really digging it - In fact, I've been tempted to You-Tube up my own "Bizarre Liar" clip onto the internets after a shopping trip to the Thai market down the street. Don't hold your breath. That's definitely one of my 'looks good on paper' ideas.

Anything on the Science Channel
This is easily the best reason to shell out the cash for extended-tier cable.
This is what the Discovery Channel should be. Tons of nature shit, physics crap, and end-of-days bull-plop. I'm so hooked. This is the immediate 'default' channel on my remote.

Has it jumped the shark? Hell yes.
Do I care? Not if that jumpin' shark keeps blowin' up real good every goddamned week. *

I'm still eagerly waiting for the return of Heroes, The Sopranos, Venture Brothers, Dexter, My Name is Earl, and Metalocalypse. Until then, the aforementioned shows are keeping my ass in the couch for at least a few hours every week.
Remember, even mediocre television beats interacting with loved ones on any given day.

*If anyone else out there still watches South Park, they fucking NAILED the whole '24' thing last episode. Hilarious.


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Dude you got to watch the all new high def Planet Earth shit on Discovery.

I really wish I still smoked pot.

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