Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stars Struck My Spam Folder

Double-fuck me! ...the MPAA was right; Illegal downloading is killing the film industry.
I just took a look at my spam-folder and found these e-mails from (apparently) cash-strapped celebs:
- Harrison Ford - Subj: YOUR EMAIL ID HAVE WON PRIZE
- Halle Berry - Subj: juept good news
- Sandra Bullock - Subj: good intercalat
- Forrest Witacre - Subj: improve ur sexual lives immediatly
- Tom Cruise - Subj: SOME SWING PICS ?
- Lindsay Lohan - Subj: Lohans Crotch Hair Scare
- Mrs. Cher Madonna - Subj: Sovetskie Mul'tfil'my
and my favorite
- Thomas Jeffersons - Subj: Tina Turner Amsterdam, Floyd Wall Rat Pack

God, I loved the Thomas Jeffersons - General Sherman Helmsley was fucking brilliant.

I don't know about you all, but I'm gonna buy some boner-pills just to help out Tyra Banks. Sister has legal bills to pay.


Michael K said...

You proly think you're hot shit but do you ever get emails from foreign dignitaries needing to smuggle funds out of the country? I do.

DC Liar said...

No Nigerian '419' e-mail will ever get me as excited as the actual letter I received.

edP said...

You'll probably want the boner pills if you're gonna do anything involving Tyra Banks. Yick...even before recent developments - Yick.

Michael K said...

Tyra Banks lately reminds me of a drag queen. I used to think she was the cat's pajamas but I don't know what she is doing to herself now but it ain't workin.