Friday, March 02, 2007

Super Happy Fun Respectable Potty Training Video, Please

Hory Shit! It's been seven months since the last Asian Arert.
In order to compensate for this gross oversight, I happen to have one of the greatest video clips in the history of the internets.

I present: The Shimajiro Toilet Training Video.
It has everything, anthropomorphic tigers, a talking terlet, happy excrement, a pinata that explodes to celebrate defecation, magic pants, and a disturbing-as-all-hell live action spot at the end.
You gotta love it.

Thanx to The Girl for the link.


Michael K said...

I think you meant defecation and not deification but it was a funny mistake nonetheless.

DC Liar said...

you say toe-may-toe...

The Old Dog said...

I dunno. Looks like it might be pretty effective. It made me want to go number one AND number two.

Michael K said...

Now I think about it, there have been times in my not so distant past when having a toilet with handle bars would have been really helpful.