Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The State of the Liar

The job search is still ongoing.
It doesn't look like my first-choice job is gonna open up anytime soon, so I'm looking at a couple of other government positions. Since I broadened my view, things have been moving a lot quicker on the job front, and it looks likely that I'll be back with the paid-workforce sometime in April.

Whenever I get that worked out I still plan on getting back to IL for a weekend or two. There might be some family issues that could bring me back to IL sooner than expected, but I'm not making any plans just yet.
Keep an eye out here for updates. I'll post it up as soon as I buy the tickets.

In the interim, I'm getting ready to sell off a bunch of the record store overstock off on eBay, and (at The Girl's urging) I've been looking into selling some of my photographs to a couple of stock houses.
One day, I hope that those serene nature shots I have taken can be used to sell tampons, boner-pills, or automobile insurance to the American consumer. I will die a happy man if I can get a photo of a crazy bag lady screaming at me from in front of a bus-stop ad for Monistat 7 featuring one of my flower photos.
You have your dreams, I have mine.
Since it's been really nice out lately, I've been out around town getting tons of pictures of all of the blossoms and whatnot. In preparation for 'going pro', I've started taking all of my photos in the TIFF format. That means that I've got to figure out how to (significantly) shrink the file size before I can get any of 'em up onto my Flickr page.

One other thing I'm considering (while I still have loads of free time), is wiping out my PC and reinstalling everything from scratch. The fucking thing is still doing that "waiting for files to be written to CD" thing that's driving me batty. I'm about ready to nuke the hard drive just to get rid of it.
If anyone had any suggestions and/or pointers to keep me from shooting myself in the foot on this one, please let me know.

Aside from all that, the only thing of interest is the load of good shows coming through DC in the next couple of weeks. I'm planning on seeing Electric Six this Saturday, Sebadoh next Tuesday, and we have tickets for The Stooges reunion show the following Thursday.
It looks like the rock gods are finally smiling on DC (after months of nothing).


edP said...

The Stooges record is sort of saved by lines like:

"England and France
These cultures are old
The cheese is stinky
And the beer aint cold"

Who am I kidding - I LOVE THE STOOGES NEW RECORD. Bring a huge banner that reads: "WE WILL FALL"...and peanut butter.

Michael K said...

Hope the family business is good news not bad. Saw yer pop on the tube the other day and he looks like he lost a few pounds. Hope he is recovering well.

As for the PC problems, I had to reset to factory settings a few times in the last year so I got an external hard drive to save all the shit I wanna keep safe and am planning on riding the old laptop til it totally shits the bed.

Prairie Dawg said...

I thought when your 'puters started getting all uppity, you just took them out back & shot them.

DC Liar said...

Contrary to popular belief, I deal with the uppity PCs until they become obsolete, and I become crazed. That way, it's much more gratifying when you open up on 'em with an AK47.
The old man's doing fine, but there is some other shit (that I'm not gonna get into up on the interwebs) that might bring me back.

Gundy said...

We just couldn't bring ourselves to plunk down $50 each for the Stooges at the Congress. Hope you enjoy!

Gundy said...

Oh, and what sites were you planning to sell your pics on?

DC Liar said...

C'mon Gundy, I'm unemployed and I had no problem shelling out $50 per ticket. Then again, Stooges are the #1 band on my "wish I could have seen 'em" list.
Stockhouses I'm looking into :
Lonely Planet Images

Meat Head said...

I don’t know why but the thought of you walking around with a dopey smile on your face, taking pictures of flowers and whistling. Makes me laugh. I can some kid saying “Hey mister why are you so happy taking pictures of those flowers.” DC “Living the dream kid, living the dream” It doesn’t write as well but the mental picture I have in my head is fucking hilarious.

Nothing like shooting an AK, in the freezing cold at those damn uppity puters. Then top it off with a stupid Meat Head trying to attack a possum in the doghouse with a broom. Then have DC come to the rescue with gun and chase the pesky thing away.

Never bring a broom to a gunfight.

DC Liar said...

... and never bring an opossum to a broom fight.