Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Summer Shoes

Last week The Girl and I went out for dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant. On the way back, she convinced me to stop by Urban Outfitters.
As usual, it was chock full of overpriced faux-hipster crap. As I was browsing, one thing caught my eye - a pair of Chuck Taylor slip-ons. I love Chucks, and I've had (at least) one pair in my wardrobe at all times since I was eight or nine, but I sure as shit wasn't gonna pony up 70 bucks for 'em.
Today I decided to make my own damned pair. I pulled out the low-tops that I found in a clearance bin for $10, removed the laces, took out a needle & thick mending thread, and stitched up the insides (all the way up along the tongue and above the eyelets) like so:
Total cost = approximately $10.04 and about 20 minutes of stitchin' time.

Now I've got a pair of comfortable-as-fuck summer shoes that look pretty bitchin'. See:
Everything's coming up Milhouse!!!


Michael K said...

You should submit these last couple of posts to Boing Boing and Make magazine.

Chris B. said...

You need a job.

DC Liar said...

Mike - That'd ruin the exclusivity factor. We don't want everyone in the know, do we?

Chris - Tell me about it.

Meat Head said...

You are starting to get really scary.

You have now provided insight to a friend of mine who's dad never worked and was all ways fiddleing around with a ton of little projects but nothing ever what you would actuauly call work.

Chris B. said...

I never got into the Converse (more of a Vans fan) but I did think these were cool. If you get out the grommet gun, we'll call an intervention.

The Old Dog said...

You're my shoe hero! You do NOT need a job.