Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Best Story I Can't Tell You

I've been slammed all week with a SINGLE work-related project that involves:

- Terminally ill, severely retarded children
- A third-tier country-western singer
- The United States Congress
- A gay* karaoke night

Unfortunately, since this was work-related I can't say a word about it up on the inter-web.
If you see me, make me tell you this story. If you don't see me, just make up your own story using ALL of the aforementioned entities.

*homosexual gay, not 'Snakes on a Plane' gay


Michael K said...

You must post this story on epissy. Anything involving gay sex with retarded third tier country singers is narrative gold!

Prairie Dawg said...

Weren't you making some noise about a trip to D-town soon?

Chris B. said...

Snakes on a Plane = gay? I thought it was about actual snakes on an acutal plane.

"We got muthafuckin' snakes!"

Prairie Dawg said...

I think he means SoaP is "gay," not gay.

DC Liar said...

re: IL

It looks like I'll be back the weekend after Easter for a couple of days. I'll let everyone know once I get it all worked out.

Michael K said...

So.... Are the snakes homosexual or does Sammy J get one on his butt or what?