Friday, March 31, 2006

Who Would Win In A Fight Between Meth-Heads, a Koala, and a Fresh-Water Crocodile?

I'll give you a hint:

Apparently, The MENSA club of Queensland decided that they could get drug money by breaking into the zoo and selling the pilfered critters for drugs. Obviously a fiasco ensued. First, they go after a koala to trade for meth. They get their asses KICKED. Then they decide that the obvious replacement is a fresh-water croc, which they get away with, and swap for some marijuana and speed.

How the fuck does that drug deal go down?
Dealer: Yo man, You got the money?
Junkie (holding a writhing bag): No, but I gots three tree sloths and a river-otter.
Dealer: You on.

For the full account you gotta read the article.


The Old Dog said...

I really wish there was video.

Meat Head said...

I think they are called Koala Bears. Hint: Bear.

I would need more than a broom and a tennis ball to mess with one that is for sure.

edP said...

The quote from the beginning of the article is priceless:

"A cranky koala achieved what an angry croc couldn't - it beat off thieves."

BEAT OFF THIEVES???? Are they sure the koala was cranky?