Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Vince Young is a mongoloid.
If any of you sorta follow the NFL, you already know what I'm talking about, but for the sake of everyone else, here's the deal: Young (the leading NFL draft prospect) scored a 6 (out of 50) on the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) during the NFL Scouting Combine this last weekend.

A breakdown of the scoring for the WPT looks like this:
50 = highest possible score, superior intelligence
21 = average intelligence
14 = equivalent to unskilled worker
Below 14 = Faulknerian man-child

Since this score, Young's draft prospects have been dropping quicker than Bode's sponsorships.

WPT Sample Questions:

A) When rope is selling at $.10 a foot, how many feet can you buy for sixty cents?

B) Assume the first 2 statements are true. Is the final one:
1 - true,
2 - false,
3 - not certain?
The boy plays baseball.
All baseball players wear hats.
The boy wears a hat.

C) Paper sells for 21 cents per pad. What will 4 pads cost?

D) How many of the five pairs of items listed below are exact duplicates?
Nieman, K.M. - Neiman, K.M.
Thomas, G.K. - Thomas, C.K.
Hoff, J.P. - Hoff, J.P.
Pino, L.R. - Pina, L.R.
Warner, T.S. - Wanner, T.S.

E) RESENT RESERVE — Do these words
1 - have similar meanings
2 - have contradictory meanings
3 - mean neither the same nor opposite?

For more Questions Check out the ESPN Quiz.

These questions aren't hard. Any Junior High School student should be able to ace this thing. I've seen a bunch of excerpts from the test, and even the "hard" questions I saw could be solved without reaching for the "scratch paper". To reiterate: MOST OF THE WPT QUESTIONS CAN BE SOLVED QUICKLY IN YOUR HEAD - This isn't the fucking MENSA membership quiz here, folks.
Not only should Young be disallowed from playing in the NFL, but he should be sterilized for the benefit of humanity. Furthermore, the University of Texas should have to answer some serious fucking questions. The first being: How did this (technically) illiterate dipshit make it through your "fine" university? Christ, the dean should have his balls tared and feathered lone-star-style for this shit. And, who's bright idea was it to try and educate Texans anyway? You'd have better luck teaching Chaucer to inbred goats.



The Girl said...

Dumber than inbred goats, huh?
We need to have a little "talk" later tonight.

And an inbred goat could read Chaucer, it's not that difficult, you mid-western simp!

DC Liar said...

Baaah, Baaah, Baaah. No one understands you, she-goat.
I'm hoping like hell that "talk" is code for "monkey sex".
It's not, is it?

The Girl said...

That's the way you sound with all that corn in your mouth, boy!

How many times do I have to tell you not to talk with your mouth full o'maze!

The Girl said...

And in answer to your above

edP said...

You guys are so cute. We need to give Old Dog the Wonderlick...spelling intentional.

edP said...

OH - they let VY take the test again - I think he got a 9

The Old Dog said...

Why are people so shocked by this?

Message for The Girl: Just throw a live monkey into his bed.

Message for Ed: No, thanks.

Here's some Chaucer fun:

Michael K said...

The fact that he got a only a 16 after he retook the test is an even bigger failure. You know he pulled an all nighter doing basic logic problems and he still fucked it up. So that make s him an unskilled worker. He'll fit right in on the Bears offensive line. If that fails, I got some ditches that need a good diggin'.

The Girl said...

Football players in TEXAS don't actually learn anything in college. I'm not at all surprised by this.