Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Close the Windows, and Bring In the Dog; I Feel a Shit Storm a-Brewin'

I've been having a totally crap week, and it looks like it's gonna get worse. I've just fielded about a half-dozen media inquiries, so keep an eye out for my happy ass in your local news rag.

It's nothing bad, but unless I want to get fired, this is all I can say:
A certain entity (which I may or may not work for) may have filed forms with an unnamed government agency. Said forms could have listed my potential work for an unnamed client. Media might have acquired said forms, and decided that they were newsworthy for reasons which will go unmentioned.

Simple as that. It's nothing; this shit happens all the time. Christ, is it frustrating.


DC Liar said...

And now I've been informed that I'm not allowed to answer my phone, unless I can recognise the number.

Michael K said...

Awesome! If my instructions at work were to not answer my phone, I'd fuck off all day.

The Old Dog said...

This is another fine mess you've gotter yourself into!

edP said...

Again, don't forget the brilliant "next question." You've technically answered the current question in calling for the next one.

Can you believe I give this advice away for free?

By the way, is this all because I used your real name (YOUR REAL NAME!!!!) in the fB timeline?

Chris B. said...

You know D-town can serve as your personal underground railroad if you really need to lay low.

edP said...

Re: DTown - yeah, before the target of opportunity strike when Bush gave Saddddddum the opportunity to go into exile, Old Dog and I hoped Sadddum would choose exile in DeKalb. He could've worked shipping at hhe.