Thursday, March 02, 2006

Did You Know That "Gullible" Isn't In the Psychologists' Desk Reference?

This one comes straight out of the "barking idiot" file; I present this gem from the LA Times:
UCI Psychiatrist Bilked by Nigerian E-Mails, Suit Says
Dr. Louis A. Gottschalk lost perhaps $3 million over 10 years in the scam, his son alleges in court documents.
By William Lobdell, Times Staff WriterMarch 2, 2006

A renowned psychiatrist from UC Irvine was duped into squandering at least $1.3 million of his family's fortune on a Nigeria Internet scam, according to a lawsuit recently filed by his son. The son, also an Orange County doctor, said his father — Dr. Louis A. Gottschalk — gave as much as $3 million over a 10-year period in response to an Internet plea that promised the doctor a generous cut of a huge sum of cash trapped in African bank accounts in exchange for money advances...

Just imagine how much money he would have lost if he'd gotten an actual letter.

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