Friday, March 31, 2006

Once Again, Life Imitates The Onion

Article from today's CNN Money page.

The Onion article from 2000.
Another Onion Flashback - Man, I remember back when this was funny. How I long for the more innocent days of 2000 (or as we used to call it, 'Y2K'). This was the time when you could smoke in bars, gas cost only $2 per gallon, terrorists were the crazy right-wing rednecks, and boy-bands roamed the Earth. Ah, it seem like only yesterday.


Gundy said...

The missile from the jetpack of my original Boba Fett action figure never shot out in what should surely have been the most spectacular display of spring-loaded glory. Can I sue for a childhood of mental trauma?

DC Liar said...

I remember that a couple of kids from my neighborhood had the Battlestar Galactica ships, with firing missiles. I felt like such a tool standing in the sandbox with my lame-ass Star Wars snow speeder with the flashing barrels.

BG sucked, but their toys kicked SW's ass.

Michael K said...

Do you remember the big Japanese robots that fired all kinds of missiles and their fists shot off and everything? Shogun Warriors, baby! Now THAT was spring loaded glory. You could fucking kill people with these things. They were 2 feet tall.