Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's about time for a new feature up here. Since the kids love the guns so much, I figured that I'd do a series of profiles on the guns that I own. I call it "Gun Nut", as is obvious by the snazzy graphic at the top- left.

I figured that a good place to start in this series would be with a gun that a) has a definite mystique, b) has a place in history, c) looks real cool, and d) can blow the ever-loving fuck outta just about anything. I'm talking of course about the Автомат Калашникова 1947, better known as the:

Click on the link above (to Wikipedia), and you'll get way more information than you've ever wanted about the AK-47 and its history.

The AK has always been popular with the "Death to America" crowd, but we're not going to hold that against it. This is possibly the greatest 'all-around' gun ever manufactured; the AK-47 is brilliant in its simplicity, yet cheap, and ridiculously durable. Anyone can learn to operate an AK in just a few minutes, and do simple repairs/modifications within a couple of hours.

Its simplicity, cost, capacity, and ballistic damage make it very attractive to 3rd world insurgents and other assorted ne'er-do-wells. Therefore, the AK-47 has a very bad reputation - much deserved. This gun has decimated societies and leveled governments. God, do I love it.

Ammunition for the Kalashnikova is dirt-cheap, and I prefer to buy it in bulk (for about a nickel per round). Standard clip capacity ranges from 10 rounds to 100 rounds (50 round clip shown above). When shooting, I prefer the stock 20 round clip - it's more than enough and doesn't get in the way.

My biggest problem with the AK is that if you keep popping off rounds (75+), this gun gets HOT. I burned my hand on the wood grips after a particularly hi-cap shooting session.

Its range goes to shit after 250 meters, but that's not what the AK was designed for. This gun was made for close-quarters combat, and for that it is perfect. I actually prefer the AK to my M4 (which cost four times as much) for rapid medium-range target shooting.

The Kalashnikova's 7.62 × 39 mm round is one of the deadliest in the world (hollow-point exit-wounds the size of basketballs), so it makes the perfect C.H.U.D. gun for any household. Everyone wants their family to be safe from the C.H.U.D.s, don't they?

When you're out carrying your AK-47 - you're going to be noticed, so style is very important in a shooting outfit. Whenever I go out shooting my AK, I usually wear this outfit:

You want to try to blend in with the locals. I've found that a decorative head-scarf is cooling, yet adds a "kicky" touch to the ensemble.

Okay, I've gotta run. The DHS is here to take me off to Gitmo for posting the preceding photo... Yeah, camp!

Until next time, keep your eye on the target and your finger on the trigger.


Kim said...

I guess then, you get Post of the Day award. For the use of the word "kicky."

The Old Dog said...

Ah! How I spent my summer at Camp X-Ray!

edP said...

Reading this made me horny.

Gundy said...

Oh my Lord this got me laughing my ass off. Thank you!

I do love to shoot the AK. It's just such a no-nonsense rifle. And yes, holding it above your head a yelping in that shrill, toungue-flapping yodel is absolutely manditory.

One thing you forgot to mention is the breathing. That baby sends some foul gas right into your face.

Here's video of the Meathead firing it.

Thumbs up on the Gun Nut icon too. Gun? Check. Nut? Check.