Thursday, March 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Gundy!

If you see him, be sure to buy him loads 'o' hooch this evening. If you must get him a more 'traditional' gift, I have an idea of what he wants.

Since I'm 750 miles to the East today (and the USPS gets crabby whenever I try to mail tequilla-slammers), THIS will have to do.
Uff Da!


edP said...

Gundy looks like he's ready to crawl back into his rabbit hole in this picture.

...but even in this 'I drank myself back into the Stone Age' state...Mr G could still score higher than a 6 on the Wonderlic test.

Prairie Dawg said...

He looks like he's wearing a cute li'l yarmulke in the photo.

Mazel Tov!

Gundy said...

I'm glad someone still has the Easter Endurance Challenge photos. I just wish that someone wasn't Josh.

Thanks guys!

KoolRock said...

Did you take my ass-less chaps reference away?

Little Bunny Fluff Fluff

DC Liar said...

Re: Did you take my ass-less chaps reference away?

Nope, I foreshadowed it (@ Midnight:04 AM). Oooooooooh, spooky.

The Old Dog said...

Another reminder that I bailed out on the coolest day ever. Ugh.

Happy Birthday, Gundy!

Kim said...

What the fuck?
Get bloggin' already!

How long you gonna rest on your "Happy Birthday Gundy!" laurels?

(I'm not quite brave enough to submit this without the softening, "Kidding!" word. Next time, however...)