Monday, March 20, 2006

First Day of Spring

Today was the first day of Spring.

Here in DC it was a cold grey day with strong winds blowing grit and dust into your eyes and mouth. About a week ago it was in the 70s, and everyone went out to dig their gardens. Now the ground has refrozen leaving a sheen of windward projectiles to whip through the air.
Today in my neighborhood there was the strong stench of diesel fuel from the construction projects carried on the wind- Black smoke billowing upward into the bleak sky.
Walking to work this morning I was freezing my ass off, spitting out sand, being pushed backward by the wind, and choking on gas fumes.

I'm usually automatically in a good mood on the first day of spring, but today I just couldn't get into a very "Spring" mood. It didn't help that once at work, a pile of news clippings about me had consumed my desktop. I spent the morning going over clippings from every major US paper, and several from overseas, which snarkily questioned my relationship with an unnamed client (if you read any paper, I'm sure you saw a variant).

I popped a Xanax for lunch, spent the rest of the day doing busy-work, and rectifying a few financial problems I was having with my fiscal intermediary (because who doesn't enjoy dealing with customer service lines all afternoon).

I just got home and am thinking of cracking that bottle of Booker's I picked up this weekend.
It doesn't feel like Spring, but I'm still gonna celebrate the bastard - Because this means that it's only one lousy season before the oppressive heat of Summer takes hold, and God, do I love that. Honestly.


Gundy said...

I was going to resist the temptation to pop a beer tonight (since I'm off from the gym), but dammit, "Here's to Spring, you prick!"

Prairie Dawg said...

Spring, you efflorescent fuck: here's to ya.

edP said...

I'll drink to Spring - whenever the hell it gets here!

Gundy said...

I liked this post better when it was the "Fist Day of Spring".

DC Liar said...

Re Fist:

Yeah, I did it on purpose, but it just looked like a typo. It started to bug me, so I switched it.

Michael K said...

I got engaged on the first day of spring three years ago and it was an absolutley perfect day. 70 and sunny. Yesterday and today I wanted to teach my dog to shit in the bathtub to avoid the cold and wind. This weather sucks it. We are used to shitty spring weather in Chicago. Cold and rainy most of the time. A few 70 degree days mixed in and then 90 and humid for 3 months. I shouldn't complain abut the heat cuz I live a block from the beach. Autumn usually makes up for it though. It's why I live here.

edP said...

Re: "I did it on purpose."

You edit your blog. I feel like such a mole.

DC Liar said...

re: You edit your blog

I can't help it, I'm obsessive-compulsive with shit like that. I've probably made 20 (minor) edits to the St. Paddy's post since I put it up.
It's a disorder.

The Old Dog said...

I'm compelled to edit my blog. Y'know who I live with.

I talked myself out of a drink early this evening, and I just figured my taxes. I'm gonna have a drink. I love peer pressure.

The Old Dog said...

Or, is that beer pressure?

Kim said...

I'm so obessive about editing I had to do a nutbag link to my crazed ramblings about editing...and then I edited THAT.

Prairie Dawg said...

I use big words & hope you don't catch the typos

& drink beer