Sunday, April 02, 2006

As Good As Dead

Okay, so maybe Drinky Joe isn't dead. Them's jokes - April fools.
And it's a damn good thing too, for that would be the end of the Drinky Joe MSN site because no one wants to look at daily shots of a headstone.

To celebrate Joe's "aliveness" I've got a piping fresh batch of Joe photos (jotos?) that I just put on the interweb's windowsill to cool. They can be found at if you want to cut yourself off a slice.

Mmmmm Joe.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus in jackboots. You peasants didn't really think I'd give you the satisfaction, now did you?

edP said...

He looks dead to me.

Prairie Dawg said...

Looks like he switched to water. Scared straight.

Prairie Dawg said...

Could be a heroic tumbler of vodka.

DC Liar said...

We've got a comment from Drinky Joe himself (the first one)!

edP said...

Sure it's from Drinky Joe. I think you're covering some shit up here Mr. DC Liar.

I got a feeling Drinky Joe has become something of a prob a la Weekend at Bernie's.

Could this be Weekend at Drinky's???

edP said...

I meant "prop" - dammit!