Monday, April 17, 2006

Vote Sugar Belle!

This is a call to arms.
It is your patriotic duty to participate in democracy (in the most ass-way possible) and vote for Sugar Belle (pictured above) in the new Cake Pony contest.

The Girl spent all day Thursday at work drawing ponies eating cake, and this is what she came up with. I even helped to texture the interior of the cake*.

Go to click on "All Amateur Access" (above the 'forms' bar) and vote for Sugar Belle, because you know she's the right pony for the job (whatever that 'job' might be).

Vote early - Vote often.

* Which, frankly, makes the whole damn thing.


Michael K said...

I voted and it appears that Sugar Belle is going to win by a landslide.

The coy look over her shoulder while she licks her chops is classic Hustler. Also, it appears she is wearing long gloves. Kudos! That is a calssic too!

Keep making ponies like these and I may have to stop having sex with dogs.

edP said...

I still can't enter the cake pony page if you know what I mean

Gundy said...

I just bumped Sugar Belle up to 60%.

My tummy hurts.

Lady Di )O( said...

done. voting is serious business.

Team CP said...

Such mass mobilizations toward pony democracy will not go un-noted, regardless of the outcome of our voting. Especially in the face of multiple votes casts so quickly (and perhaps with suspicious rapidity) by other contestants, we look towards your model of voting accuracy and accountablity, plus your devotion to the Cake Pony agenda as a model for all others. Worry not, we have something in store for you yet :) !!!!