Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No One Sees Cheney

I'm waiting for a reception at the Morton's in Georgetown. Next door is the Fox News 10 year anniversary. The secret service just came in and closed all of the blinds across the front of the restaurant before Cheney arrived at the party next door.
That's just weird.

Plus the roadblocks have almost everyone else running 45min. late and I'm hungry.

Damn you, Cheney!

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The Old Dog said...

Funny. That's what happens when I go to a restaurant, too!

Michael K said...

So Cheney was going to the Fox News party and the secret service doesn't want anyone to know? Kind of odd. Was he planning on shooting Brit Hume?

edP said...

We can only hope

Prairie Dawg said...

He's too late to ask him to be press secretary.

edP said...

Speaking of hungry, don't forget to have a heart smart lunch DC Liar.

DC Liar said...

Re: Heart Smart

I got a salad from Cosi.
I'm still in meat OD* from last night.

*not to be confused with the OD's meat.

Michael K said...

Who's meat are you talking about then?