Friday, April 28, 2006

We Shot a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts (Sunday)

Sunday afternoon Elise and Dave came out to shoot guns. It rocked; especially the Remington 700 PSS sniper rifle (which got it's cherry popped last weekend). Gotta love shooting a new gun.

Now that I've weirded everyone out with the whole 'gun/cherry' thing, I'll just get right to the pictures:

Elise & the Super Red Hawk .454 Revolver

Elise & the M-4

Dammit Elise, Snipers Don't Answer Their Phones!

Where We Were Shooting From

I Shoot

I Score

The Remains of the Prey

Good times. Check out the bad-ass coconut kill (on my first shot!) pic above. I left out a bunch of pics from Sunday that are up on my Flickr page, so if you want more - check it out. Speaking of which, I should have all of the artsy-fartsy Flickr pics (75+) from the trip up sometime tomorrow or Sunday. Keep an eye out.


Meat Head said...

Hey who is the tool with the buzz cut?

DC Liar said...

Damn you, Hair Cuttery!

Apparently that's what a "trim" looks like in Plano, IL.

Michael K said...

Is that really the cut they gave you or is the cut you got to "fix" a chop job?

BTW. Large hi-res photos = slow loading blog page.

DC Liar said...

That's the original.

BTW. Dump the Mac - on a PC they load like lightning


Michael K said...

I'm on my ThinkPad. I hate this fucking thing.

edP said...

All these people making fun of your hair cut. Don't they see the guns in the pictures?

Kim said...

I like these pics ALOT. Elise looks awesome.

edP said...

You better say that kaka, she also looks dangerous.

elisenator said...

that's right ed!! i am dangerous!! thanks for noticing my evilness!

bigsoda said...

Finally... Proof that guns don't kill coconuts. My crazy friends do.

Lady Di )O( said...

This looks like it was hot shit!

Elise on the phone. BAAAHAAAAA

I wanna play guns now.