Wednesday, April 26, 2006


1) The MOTO show rocked some serious ass. Props go out to all of the DC folks that showed up on my advice to see a band they'd never heard of.

2) Best meal of the trip: Lobster, Steak, and Tamales (Sunday night - the parents decided to clean out the freezer).
Runners Up:
a) The trhüringer platter with spatzel @ The Wurst House - Plano (Friday)
b) Gyro rolls @ Brothers (Wednesday)
c) Twins with Old Dog, Steener, and EdP (Saturday)

3) I took over 400 fucking photos in 5 days. I need to sort through those and post the results on Flickr. I'm thinking that about 75 to 125 new pics will go up over this weekend.

4) I'm holding off on doing posts on the e-pissy drinking contest, shooting with Elise, and the Cealed Kasket show until I have some photographic proof to back my wild claims.

5) Much love goes out to the Illinois contingent for all of the good times this weekend.
Now if anyone can remember where I lost my liver, I'd be much obliged if you could help me solve that one.


edP said...

Your liver should be so engorged that it should never be lost.

Maybe you need glasses.

DC Liar said...

Oh, Crap! I lost my eyes.

Quick, someone frisk the Old Dog.

edP said...

He got all of that one.

The Old Dog said...

Wait, let me check - one...

Nope! But, somehow there's an olive in my eye socket.

Michael K said...

That's no olive. You just pickled the bastard over the weekend.

Wish I was there. Sounds like good fun was had by all.