Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hair Attack

Last night I was assaulted by the ham-fisted thugs of the Hair Cuttery.

I look ridiculous and am missing a chunk of hair above my left ear.

What do I look like?
Well; 1) go grab the newspaper
2) locate the 'Family Circus' cartoon
3) draw a goatee and angry eyebrows on PJ.
That's me.

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The Girl said...

I'm so gonna make fun of you when you get home

The Old Dog said...

I'm gonna make fun of him tomorrow!

Dude, when in Illinois, see the gal who cuts my hair, though, I promise that you won't end up looking like me.

Michael K said...

I call the place the "Hair Butchery". I shake nmy fist at the store front each time I pass it.

edP said...

Dude, you can't let them fuck with your hair. It accentuates your money hole.

I hope there's going to be enough for me to hold on to Friday.

Jeanz said...

Can we all take turns trying to fix it Friday night? Say, midnight?

edP said...

Please say "fix it" is code for something. I want to go first.