Thursday, April 13, 2006

Since Gunderson is Dragging Ass On This One*...

WOOT-OFF** Today!!!

Check it out; cheap*** deeply-discounted crap all day long.
Because everyone needs a 'Salton Fresh Soy Food Center'.

Make sure to check out the “The Woot-Off Song” on the main page for a full explanation.

*Gundy usually takes the reigns on Woot announcements.
**Once something sells out, another item comes up.
***I couldn't (in good faith) keep 'cheap' up there after the $800 pre-amp, and the $2000 plasma screen TV


Gundy said...

But Gunderson NEVER drags ass when celebrating someone's birthday.

Keep that in mind when making your vacation plans this year.

Bill Garver, my ass.

The Old Dog said...

I like the Woot song!

edP said...

Woot there it is