Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I'm out at the Dinosaur Jr. "reunion" show. The Girl is at home.

When the cat's away....
The mice get shitfaced.

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edP said...

I'm glad you went to this Dinosaur Jr. show solo. Remember what usually happens when you take a loved one to see JMascis?

Michael K said...

Josh, do you really feel the need to justify it every time you get shitfaced?

Also, I am jealous you are at the D Jr. show and I am at home playing with my dog and writing a cover letter for a job I am not sure I want. You know what? Fuck this! I'm gonna get shitfaced!

DC Liar said...

Christ am I loaded. I think that Il'll* describe the Dinosaur Jr. Curse in the next entry, just because I'm incredibly loaded now.

Keep on fighting the good fight - Show that bitch who's boss.

Ed (again) I'm putting together my pirate costume for Alex's B-Day bash. Start saving for his therapy.


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