Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shipman, IL (Google It)

Today I got a bunch of great small-town America photos + a load of old graveyard pics. The one thing that I don't have is phone service. If anyone needs to get in touch with me, you'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon.

- Sent From Blackberry Handheld -


edP said...

He's gone e-underground.

Translation: he must've made it to St. Louis.

Gundy said...

I guess we could try channelling the dead. Would that work?

Lady Di )O( said...

Thanks, Liar!! I'm so excited! I received the CD yesterday and I bought an iPod for my conference next week and the CD is going ON the iPOd! Sigh. I need to calm down.

I wish I was going to be at the AmEx tonight. Sound slike you guys will have a good old drunky time.

But I met and hung out with The Elisenator last night and none of you got to do that.

So there.