Friday, April 28, 2006

Saturday Mayhem

Last Saturday I met up with Old Dog, Steener, and Ed for dinner at Twins. The company was a hell of a lot better than the food (and that's saying a lot). Then everyone else pussed out, so I was 'forced' to go out to face Dena, Jane, Stormy and the majesty which is Cealed Kasket by my lonesome.

We met up at Annex for a few rounds, then headed over to Otto's for the show. The band wasn't bad; think Upper Crust meets Turbonegro meets Spinal Tap. They were brilliant for about a half-hour, but as the novelty wore off all I could say is "They're silly." - repeatedly.
I got a shitload of beers and shots bought for me by friends and former 7DA patrons. I was going to shoot off a mobileblog saying "Please, stop buying me drinks", but was too loaded to work my Blackberry.
I got to see the Dark Squirrel, got the obligatory 'girls kissing' pic, and the guitar player was a wizard, so the show was definitely worth it.
During the band's second set we headed back to the Annex, and then over to Paul's for after-hours (for the second night in a row). Saw a bunch of friends (Kimberly, Jen, Mandy, among others) over at Paul's. All in all, a great night.

I'll shut up now and give you a couple of pics:
Guitar Wizard

Dena & Stormy

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