Saturday, April 29, 2006

Flickr Overload

I went a little camera-happy last week while I was back in Illinois. I got back to DC with over 400 pictures from my 5 day excursion.
I just sat down and weeded through the pics and chose my 85 favorite shots to post on the DC Lies Flickr page.
I took all of the shots in high-def, So I'd highly recommend viewing 'em in either the 'large' or 'original' sizes to get all of the detail (especially with some of the old graveyard shots).


Kim said...

I like your captions almost as much as the photos: "Springtime for Yorrick."

edP said...

Alas poor Yorrick,
He's all fucked up.

edP said...

Nice picture of the Unibomber's shack. You know all the really cool places DC Liar.

Prairie Dawg said...

Real nice, ed. That happens to be his apartment.

Hey, the word verification says "tyrdhh." It's like what the magi brought my folks when I was born.

Get it?

DC Liar said...

re: his apartment
If I keep having these wars with the IRS, it will be.

Everybody needs their own Luddite crazy-shack.

edP said...

My house was a crazy shack last night.