Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hey Kid, I'm a Computer!

I finally broke down and turned to the darkside of the computer force.

No, I didn't buy a fucking Mac (because I'm not totally gay, or a 12 year old girl).

I just bought a laptop. I've owned a few laptops in the past and have absolutely HATED them. They were slow, unreliably, unwieldy, full of bugs, only marginally portable, and I could never fucking work that goddamned track-pad. I still have a Vaio laptop (circa 2001) that I'd gotten from an old job; I've had that computer for 5 years, but it hasn't left it's case since I bought my desktop 3 years ago.

Suddenly, I felt an urge to pick up a small lightweight laptop for travel. From what I've heard, the modern laptop is light-years ahead of models from just a couple of years ago.
Then I saw this on Ben's Bargains:
Inspiron E1405 Dual Core Laptop
Intel® Core™ Duo Processor
Windows XP Media Center Edition
14.1-inch widescreen display
5.3 lbs.
120GB Hard Drive
8X CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW) with double-layer DVD+R write capability
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 Internal Wireless and Bluetooth Modem
$699.00 Shipped

I went for it, and I'm pretty excited. I don't plan on using this as my main computer, but I figure that this'll make one kick-ass back-up/travel computer.
In the end, I'm sure that I'll end up hating it.

There's only one thing that's driving me nuts; I still can't figure out how I'll get the Internets on this thing if it's not hooked up to a series of tubes. Anyone?

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Gundy said...

If you're not plugging into your router at home, then you're going to be going wireless on the road. Your rig's got wireless built in. Use gWiFi (no relation) to find free hotspots.

Plenty of coffee shops and restaurants offer free WiFi. When our network goes down at work, we all migrate over to the Panera Bread for the free wireless.

I'm still working on getting my new laptop up to speed with software and whatnot. I will be one happy nerd when I can play City of Heroes in the bar downstairs.

My rig's an MCE machine too. I need to look into getting a TV card for it so I can use it as a Tivo.

bigsoda said...

Or, you can buy yerself one o' them Verizon EVDO cards and get high speed internet anywhere you can get signal from a Verizon tower. Pretty sweet.

Unfortunately, Verizon customer service is like the 4th or 5th circle of hell manifest on Earth.

bigsoda said...

Oh, and macs are for the gay, 12 year old girl, and uber-geek crowd (they're all Linux-y now...)

F1.4 said...

stop all the downloading....

I bought a small Fujitsu about a year ago, like 4lbs. Never use the damn thing at home, but when I am on the road I use the sit out of it.

Michael K said...

If nothing else, you can now watch porn on the train or "Snakes On A Plane" on the train or a plane. This seems to be leading to an unintentional Dr' Seuss joke.

Kim said...

Dude -- LOVES that crazy spaceman techno computer talk.

"No, I didn't buy a fucking Mac (because I'm not totally gay, or a 12 year old girl)."

Ahhhh ha ha! Two of my best friends are die-hard Mac users ... I think I will throw this sentence at them today.

DC Liar said...

That's It. I'm making a gang-bang porno named "Pink Snake-Train on a Plane".

Ewww, filthy. It'll make a million.

Chris B. said...

I only use my laptop now. The processor (Athlon 64) and video card (ATI 9600) outperforms the P4, ATI 9000 tower I built just a year earlier.

I used my laptop to find this:

Click here.