Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I've Got Nothin'

Random notes:

- I've made the switch over to Firefox & I'm lovin' it.

- The Jesus & Mary Chain Rhino DualDiscs re-issues are rockin' some serious ass.

- I'm working on a few short stories for ChrisB's 'Ultra Extreme Literature Slam - Sponsored by Mountain Dew'. One should make it. If I had to bet, I'd wager that I'll end up reading the one that starts out:
"Things have been really weird since Jesus came back to Earth..."


The Old Dog said...

Oh! I know how that one ends!

Prairie Dawg said...

Jesus & Mary Chain...did they remaster those, or wha? Maybe who cares, it's Rhino, it's J&MC. Now there's a band that had some impact. I'm ripping them off on a new song even as we speak.

DC Liar said...

Yeah, The CD sides are the original albums, & the DVD sides are high-def remasters with videos.

I recently set up a surround sound system at home, so I've been looking for some good surround sound DVD audio discs. The NIN stuff was getting old.