Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Parry Gripp, Web Entrepreneur

Mr. Parry Gripp has a DOMAIN NAME FOR SALE.
I'd love to expound further, but that would ruin the surprise. The link is work-friendly, but the (fucking hilarious) song that auto-plays might cause an awkward moment for you and/or your co-workers. Be sure to read the full pitch - It's some seriously funny shit.


bigsoda said...

Oh my freakin' shit! We gotta cover that tune. Although, I'd call it "Water..."

Michael K said...

What gives with the Magnum pic? I laugh and I am confused at the same tome.

Kim said...

Well, how appropriate that I should comment HERE, what with that Cock n Pussy action, about, feminism of course.

Just got around to reading your post about my site today, wanted to post here as I don't know about you, but I tend to ignore Comments on a post a few days old.

Frankly, I could give a fuck what you say about me or feminism -- I'm just happy to have a post about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(But ok, yes -- the hive mentality, the rules, the holier-feminist than thou shit turned me right the fuck off. I'm still and will always be a "feminist" in literal sense, I'll do my Fuckery posts when I my ass gets clenched, I'll post on insidpid bullshit when the mood strikes -- and I will have my makeup and bling, by fuck! "Not feminist." Seriously.
Blow me. I'll make my own damn feminist rules and I don't need no "Radical" label nor a Blogging Community to pat me on the back and/or bring me up short when I transgress.

That shit ain't punk.
I'm too much of loudmouthed yet wimpy asshole to be part of any "movement" truly. Something will always pop up to make me reject the some sort of choke-hold dogma.

Now go play some Black Flag.)

("bj" were the last two letters in your word verifcation, you sexist pig.)

Kim said...

Per usual, apologies for typos.
These boxes upset me so.

And, The Journey of the Feminist Blog is a story/post in itself.
Someday, when I get brave ...

DC Liar said...

You go, Kaka!

...and 'bj' *he-he-he* (or her-her-her - as the case may be).

Kim said...

This is particular from you:

"Why let those in a crisis of faith write dogma? "

is very, VERY well said.

The Old Dog said...

Nice exchange, my tattoo laden friends! Way to blog it out.

Hey, Liar, the last 3 letters of my word verification are "eft", you electronic funds transferist!

Kim said...

Today, ALL the letters spell "mawep."

What did you do to make your mom cry?

DC Liar said...

...what didn't I do.