Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Statement, An Excuse, & An Announcement.

There is some seriously wiggy shit going down out here in DC, unfortunately I can't say a goddamn thing about it.

I've been stupid-busy the last week, and expect to be just as busy for the rest of this week. I'll try to get some asinine crap up here on the blog, but I'm not making any promises.

The one thing I'm ready to announce: I plan to be back in Illinois from August 11th through August 26th. Dates are subject to change, but probably won't. Prepare your defenses.


Gundy said...

I believe this means my girlfriend will be accompanying me to Lollapalooza (thereby doubling my chances of getting into a fight).

DC Liar said...

Nope, that TRIPLES the chances of you getting into a fight.

Blame the Senate - those bastards are in for an extra week this year.

Kim said...

I so wanna hear about the wiggy shit.

The Old Dog said...

I, too, want to get wiggy with it. Make with the dirt as soon as you can.