Wednesday, July 12, 2006

OK, Here's the Deal:

It looks like my IL schedule is fairly well cemented, so here it is:

August Itinerary (So Far)
Thursday the 10th: Drive to IL
Wednesday the 16th: Get my eyes zapped out at the Lasik place in Sycamore
Saturday the 19th: The Girl flies out to join me for the rest of the stay (& serve as my seeing-eye-waif)
Saturday the 26th: Lawrence Arms @ The House (DeKalb)
Monday the 28th: Drive back to DC, making sure to "forget" The Girl & Milo somewhere in Ohio

That's all I've got so far (aside from a few eye exams before and after the zappin'), so feel free to hash out some campin' plans (and other whatnot) up on this. C'mon people, whaddaya got?


DC Liar said...

A suggestion:
There are a couple of Bears preseason games in town on the 18th and the 25th, for what it's worth.

The Old Dog said...

So, this doctor will use a "laser beam" to correct your vision?

The Old Dog said...

I'll see you in DeKalb, possibly for a visit to Chicago. Can I bring my eye?

DC Liar said...

Ok, Old Dog's in, which is good. I may need to borrow Vince if the zappin' goes awry

edP said...

What are we thinking about for camping and shooting? Can kathader's cover band open for my scheduled firing squad?

The Old Dog said...

Now I remember why I know the Lawrence Arms! They were were featured on JBTV.

Damn, that was bugging me all day.

edP said...

Is that JBTV still on? What is it like Wed night from 9:50 to 10:47 or something like that? Don't get me wrong, I heard a lot of stuff that I might not have heard otherwise on there but sheeeeesh, there was a while where they seemed to move the show around. The TV version of Sound Opinions was like that tooo

Irresponsible rock 'n roll shows

Gundy said...

Roller Derby in the 13th!

Windy City Rollers

The Old Dog said...

I couldn't tell you when JBTV is on. I don't pay attention to timeslots and networks, I just happen upon things. It is still on. I saw it about 3 weeks ago. That guy is old!

I like the roller derby idea. Maybe if I have an eye by then, I'll check it out.

edP said...

I thought we were going to enter the roller derby.

Speaking of other things, Old Dog, have you seen the newest Deadwood?

Lady Di )O( said...

Sox game?

Chris B. said...

Keep the 12th open for a poetry reading/liquor fest in lovely Sugar Grove.

f1.4 said...

I am still on the fence about that eye surgery business, be sure to give a play by play.

Shadrow said...

Will see you in August... I think I can find a couple of days to tear shit up with you. I missed the shooting part of your visit last time, so I hope you bring enough ammo this time.

Bears pre-season sounds awesome... i will try to look for some tickets.

Sycamore???? For RK?? Couldn't you find a better clinic in D.C. for it... or even Brenarts in Yorkville? Just wondering.... See you soon...

Shadrow said...

I checked Pollstar for shows while you are in town.... Here you go, stuff you may be interested in.

1. 8/12 & 8/25 The Legendary Shack Shakers- Double Door.

2. 8/12 Murphy's Law- The Note

3. 8/25 Frank Black w/Foo Fighters- Auditorium Theatre.

Check it out for yourself... not much else to see unless you want to see Venom at the HOB... :-)


DC Liar said...


1) I can't even buy a pack of Winstons out here in DC without the clerk fucking up less than 4 times. Everybody out here is seriously retarded; I'd rather attempt eye surgery myself with a rusty X-Acto knife and a laser-pointer, than get it done in this third-world shit-hole.

2) Actually, I may be up for some Venom. Of everything, that's the only one that piqued my interest. Hmmmmn.